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Our happy customers say...

"Client appreciation for my clients without taking much time out of my busy day. I can be far more productive and leave this to the experts. This allows me to be more productive and the costs are easily recouped".

User in Financial Services

"Automated gift giving with a high level of transparency. Saves me time and gives me information quickly".

Meg O.

"There are three things that I believe are exceptional about Bluebird: 1. How simple it is to send a gift to a client. 2. The chrome extension lets me send one-off gifts easily. 3. Automatic gift-giving through integration with my CRM".

Kyle V.

"Sending swags/marketing product to clients used to take hours each time. Because it's a time consuming work, we'd compile a list of people and prepare/send swags all together. Now, it just in matter of minutes, or 'seconds' per client".

Leo M.

"Custom swags has always been a headache for us. Let alone, you gotta select them, place logo, look at different vendors and options. And you'd have to order at large quantity in order to get an affordable pricing. Or pay an enormous amount.But even after you do all that, you gotta have it shipped to you, separate them, place custom message (handwritten or printed), and then ship it out again.It's a lengthy lengthy process.With Bluebird, I am now doing this in just a few clicks. All while sitting in my chair in front of a computer.Some recurrent swag options are even automated in single click... All that complication of swag process..gone...".

Leo M.