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Set budgets and control send options for every authorized user

Admin Sending

Admin Sending

Send on behalf of anyone on your team, in bulk, easily, with notifications and CRM logging for the respective "sender"

Integration automation

Integration Automation

Leverage your existing tech stack to trigger intelligent, logic based gifts from wherever you work

Digital Sends

Digital Sends

Recipients can select choices from 70+ giftcards with global redemption options. Non-redeemed gifts are auto-refunded

Physical sends

Physical Sends

Store campaigns and rapidly delight recipients with our in-house fulfillment, to anywhere in the world



Handwritten notecards accompany every offline send



Automatically log all activity and track send status  in your CRM for timely follow ups and transparent ROI

Address Finder

Address Finder

Recipients working from home? No problem. Leverage our non-invasive home address finder

Leading Companies Trust and Rely on Bluebird

packages delivered to 35+ countries
handwritten characters generated
hours saved by marketing and fulfillment reps
delighted recipients
average amount of hours it takes to fulfill and ship physical sends

Bluebird Gifting Solutions

Gifting Funnel Diagram

Sales Enablement

Would you rather receive another cold email in your inbox or a thoughtful gift box? Intelligent gifting is the secret ingredient to booking meetings, improving show up rates, developing champions, and accelerating deals.

Hitting quota has never been easier.

Sales enablement
Account based marketing

Account-Based Marketing

Marketing leaders no longer have to coordinate fulfillment of physical campaigns. Bluebird allows you to automate the fulfillment, shipments, and tracking of all your bulk send campaigns from a centralized dashboard, without touching a thing. The days of doing this manually are over.

Start cutting through the noise and lifting conversions, efficiently.

Customer Success

Unleash the power of gifting by enabling your customer success team to easily send gifts to customers after on-boardings, renewals, when balls are dropped, or for finding bugs.

Watch your churn decrease and renewals increase.

Customer Success
Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Remote work and distributed teams are here to stay. Now you can easily send employees and candidates personalized gifts without all the hassle.

Keep the personal touch alive, from anywhere in the world.

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Leverage Your Current Tech Stack
to Automate Intelligent Sending

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Bluebird Advantage

Nick Bacxter - CEO & CO-Founder
Bluebird is part of a buying group that spends over $150MM annually. This provides you the best prices and the latest corporate gifting. Request a live demo and let us show you how we can increase your pipeline, book more meetings, accelerate deals, and win more accounts, automatically.
Five Star Rating
Nick Baxter
CEO & CO-Founder
Bluebird is part of a buying group that spends over $150MM annually. This allows up the industry's most competitive purchasing power so we can assure that you are getting the best prices and the latest corporate gifting. Request a demo and let us show you how we have already increased pipeline by 240% on average for our customers, within 3 months of being live.
Nick Baxter
CEO & CO-Founder