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Our happy customers say...

"One-stop shop for all new client and new hire swag boxes, as well as our company store. Such an easy and seamless process, and we don't have to maintain the inventory!"

Amanda P.

"I have only recently become the POC for our company and Bluebird, but I was surprised and impressed by the personal touch staff has had in helping me ramp up. I had access to the co-founder and the operations team during my introductory call, they have been super quick to answer any questions I had (even if I felt I should have already known some of these details), and I've had a great experience since moving into this role. We find a lot of value in their service, and it makes sending swag to new hires and new clients so easy!"

Amanda P.

"The online interface is extremely easy to use! Keeping in touch with our best clients in ways we never have before which separates us from other companies".

User in Financial Services