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The New Zapier Integration to Automate Your Sends

Here are some example scenarios on how Zapier can help your organization implement automated sending best practices:

CRM: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

Trigger digital and physical sends around automatically personalizing every engagement, minus the human effort! Most sending workflows can now be automated as zaps can be built around predefined changes in contacts, deals, or opportunities. Custom fields can also be created to further dial in campaign initiatives.

Build rapport, re-engage and lift conversions seamlessly and intelligently by triggering the “Create Send” for:

  • A digital coffee gift card when lead is converted to an opportunity or when an opportunity changes status/stage
  • A digital lunch gift card when an event is created, canceled, rescheduled etc (pre demo, post demo, etc)
  • A box of chocolates when an account refers another signup
  • A branded pen when an opportunity goes cold or is marked closed lost
  • A branded pack of coffee when an opportunity is closed won, asking for feedback or a review

Examples of supported CRM/system of record integrations: Hubspot, Salesforce and more.

Sales Assistance: Deal Accelerators

Accelerate deals and highlight important documents by triggering the “Create Send” for:

  • A digital coffee gift card when a Docusign envelope is generated
  • A digital lunch gift card when a Docusign envelope is mutually executed
  • Sweets/cookies when a contract is sent (our favorite - cookies for contracts!)
  • A package of branded swag paired with a handwritten note card when a contract is generated

Example of supported apps: Docusign, HelloSign, SignNow and more.

Calendar: Meeting Setting & Reinforcement

Set more meetings, reinforce show up rates, and delight recipients by triggering the “Create Send” for:

  • A $10 coffee card 3 hours prior to a meeting to “help a prospect get amped for a call”
  • A $25 lunch card for a Lunch and Learn to reinforce a meeting

Example of supported apps: Google Calendar, Calendly and more…

HR Assistance: Candidate and Employees Engagement

Make special HR events more memorable by triggering the “Create Send” for:

  • A branded pen when an offer letter is generated
  • A journal when an offer letter is signed
  • A welcome kit for the new hire’s first day
  • Digital gift cards for 30/60/90 days post start date
  • A tech kit for training completion
  • An accessory kit for work anniversaries
  • A personalized gift for Birthdays
  • An online shopping gift card for employee referrals
  • A digital lunch card for virtual events

Examples of supported apps: Bamboo, Namely, People, Workday (Upcoming)

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