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We get really excited about Bluebird automation features for HR! Remote work and distributed teams are here to stay. Now you can easily send employees and candidates personalized gifts without the hassle. Put HR outreach on cruise control.

• Integrate with HR & Applicant Tracking Systems
• Reinforce organization values
• Apply personal touch to the remote workplace

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Increase the Capabilities of Your HR Department



Set budgets, user permissions, departments, filters, automatic reloading, and many more to control every aspect of sending.

Admin Sending

Admin Sending

Generate both e-gifts and physical sends on behalf of anyone. View and manage campaigns across different teams from a central dashboard.

Integration automation

Integration Automation

Leverage your existing tech stack to trigger intelligent sending based on data and events. Create workflows to automate thousands of scenarios to streamline sending best practices.

Digital Sends


Give the gift of choice with 70+ redemption options, worldwide. 100% of non-redeemed gifts are auto-refunded for re-use. Gift card breakage is no longer an issue!

Physical sends

Physical Sending

Bluebird serves as your remote swag closet. We'll store, kit, and ship your gifts to anyone in the world. Leverage our bulk shipping rates to cut down on costs across the board.


Handwritten Notes

Pair every send with a handwritten note. Humanize every engagement and cut through the noise today.


Measure & Track

Log all activity within your CRM to measure whats working and what isn't. Every send is tracked and your marketing efforts just became that much easier to justify every dollar spent.

Address Finder

Address Finder

Want to send a package to someone who's working from home? No problem. Leverage our non-invasive home address finder - all you'll need is a recipient email address or phone number.

Leading Companies Trust and Rely on Bluebird

packages delivered to 35+ countries
handwritten characters generated
hours saved by marketing and fulfillment reps
delighted recipients
average amount of hours it takes to fulfill and ship physical sends

HR Teams Are Utilizing Bluebird To...

• Integrate Bluebird with your ATS, as soon as an offer letter is generated have it paired with a unique link that drives the candidate to their personalized landing page where they can select a gift and provide their best mailing address - set the culture from day one and show how important the candidate is with a hand written note and a personalized package (whether its a fun box with a dog bandana and sunglasses, phone soap, or some other creative swag, we've got your covered)

• Trigger an onboarding package with a handwritten note as soon as a candidate signs their offer letter.

Trigger a thoughtful work from home gift to arrive at the new hire's preferred address, automatically, on one of their most important and memorable days - Day 1.

• Trigger a send based on opportunity/deal with X amount of days with zero activity to warm them back up - branded socks to "warm them up" or a coffee card to get on a call work well!

• Trigger a send after a demo event is marked completed with a post-demo package to accelerate a - sample idea: send a link via email to the recipient asking them to fill out their address in a non-invasive way so they can receive a gift package

• Send cookies, cupcakes, chocolates etc. to enable and reward and enable your internal deal champion

• Trigger a send when an opportunity changes status to "closed won" within Salesforce or Hubspot - sample idea: branded swag paired with a handwritten note

• Build a Zapier notification that alerts a slack channel when a recipient claims a giftcard, submits their address, or when a package is delivered

• Thousands of possibilities exist, limited only by your sending creativity!

Try Bluebird for your team!

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Integrate Your Tech Stack with Bluebird to Automate Intelligent Sending

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Nick Bacxter - CEO & CO-Founder
Bluebird is part of a buying group that spends over $150MM annually. This provides you the best prices and the latest corporate gifting. Request a live demo and let us show you how we can increase your pipeline, book more meetings, accelerate deals, and win more accounts, automatically.
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Nick Baxter
CEO & CO-Founder
Bluebird is part of a buying group that spends over $150MM annually. This allows up the industry's most competitive purchasing power so we can assure that you are getting the best prices and the latest corporate gifting. Request a demo and let us show you how we have already increased pipeline by 240% on average for our customers, within 3 months of being live.
Nick Baxter
CEO & CO-Founder

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