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Free Up Time by Leaving SWAG to the Experts

Blackthorn believes that when surrounded by great people, they become the best versionof themselves and provide the best work for their customers and partners. Each teammember inspires growth, learning, and understanding of each other, their customers, andthe industries they serve. Being a fully remote company and having people work fromaround the world (USA, India, United Kingdom, China, and Argentina), memorablemoments that bring the team together are essential. This is why the team travels everyyear for a week-long company trip to help build and strengthen the relationships amongcoworkers, get to know one another, and work on big ideas together. And this year, thelocation did not disappoint. The team traveled to Palm Beach, FL.
Creating a wonderful experience for everyone on the team was one of the goals ofBlackthorn's People Operations Manager, and had the perfect solution. Atarrival at the destination, a warm welcome awaited with a branded kit full of SWAG perfectfor making the team feel special, from T-shirts and hoodies to sunglasses and handsanitizer. Everyone proudly wore their Blackthorn SWAG to start the trip off right.
"The shipping fulfillment is AMAZING, is a great partner for our always"interesting" needs, and we are super grateful to have them assisting us- Ryan-Mae, People Operations Manager
About: Blackthorn builds Salesforce-native apps that make processing payments andmanaging events efficient and ridiculously easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Industry: Software/Tech
Company Size: 90+ employees
No more maintaining a SWAG closet in the office!
The challenge came when the SWAG had to be sourced and stored until the event.Bluebird's SWAG concierges worked hand in hand with Blackthorn to brainstorm, source,and order the right items. Finding a storage solution was taken off the People Operationsteam's hands to prevent their home office from becoming a SWAG warehouse. warehouse organized the items so that the assortment at arrival was easilymanageable for the Blackthorn team.
Making everyone feel part of the team.
Sadly, some team members could not make it to the event, and making them feel includedwas a priority. Blackthorn used's Bulk Send feature to ship SWAG giftsseamlessly to all employees who couldn’t attend. With just one simple upload of a filecontaining all of the recipient's address information. Each recipient was happy to receivetheir SWAG box at their doorstep!
Blackthorn was able to focus on the event prep to make this compnay trip a wonderful onewhile leaving the experts at to do what they do best, take care of all the SWAGsorting and logistics.

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