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Welcome New Hires Globally

Jellysmack believes employees should work where they want. With their remote-first policy, Jellysmackers have the flexibility to work from home, in one of their offices, or any WeWork space. But that did not stop them from giving their employees the perfect new hire kit to welcome each one of them and make them feel part of the team. Helping foster a sense of belonging, make a great first impression, and promote productivity, positivity, and excitement around a new role!
Sending welcome kits around the globe.
Here is where came to the rescue and offered the perfect solution to ensure all employees received the gift wherever they were. The portal allowed them to send welcome kits to every employee before their first day, and through the same portal, they were able to track the status all the way to the moment of delivery. This welcome kit included all essential items for Jellysmackers to exceed at the workplace: a MacBook Pro, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, USB-C Cable, and fun items like a Pop Socket and custom socks, plus other items for a warm welcome. 
Jellysmack entrusted this project to the team for its outstanding international shipping methods and delivery reports all inside the portal to ensure that the Jellysmack team knew where the packages were every step of the way. The exceptional customer support and fulfillment center made all of this happen—perfectly wrapped kits with Branded Jellysmack Tissue Paper and notecards. Bluebirds warehouses stored all of the items and took care of every detail.
Have remote workers? No location is far enough, and will make it happen, driving the process seamless and stress-free.
About: Jellysmack is the global creator company that powers multi-platform social media growth for video creators, media companies, brands, celebrities, and its own online communities (Beauty Studio, Oh My Goal, Gamology, House of Bounce and more).
Industry: Tech Company
Company Size: +1,000 employees
"Bluebird has been exceptional at delivering great results for us and our new hires. The team is always quick and responsive and always there to help us with anything we need" – Jellysmack
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